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P.A.M. P.O.V.

P.A.M. P.O.V.

For its 2018 spring/summer "PERSPECTIVE" collection, Australian label P.A.M. plays with the idea of one's own point of view. Something completely personal to oneself, perspective is dependent on one’s point of view. A particular attitude or affinity towards something, your P.O.V. is unique, and should be completely yours.

In this editorial, we take P.A.M.’s latest offerings and interpret them in our own P.O.V. Psychedelic, colourful and bold, these pieces were perfect complements to the backdrop of Hong Kong’s equally-colourful industrial settings.

Standout pieces include the Eye Life Rocco shorts, printed with the collection’s signature “EYE LIFE” print in addition to the Collective Perspectives bomber jacket. Jog your mind with P.A.M.’s latest and express yourself and your P.O.V.

Photographer / Renee Neoh
Videographer / Nick Berry 
Model / Derick van Wijk
Stylist & Words / Helena Yeung