CLOT x Expert Horror "Blood-Line" – Juice Store USA
CLOT x Expert Horror "Blood-Line"

CLOT x Expert Horror "Blood-Line"

Founded in London 2016, Expert Horror is a project created by a collective of friendly creatives including designers, graphic illustrators and artists. The group work on different themes and present each 'Project' as a line of t-shirts. The themes depicted by Expert Horror draw on contemporary and popular culture to create refreshingly ambiguous, fictional narratives. Whether it be references in art, music, photography, new media, politics to fashion and technology, the Expert Horror collective are inspired by the world around them to give life to simple graphic t-shirts. 

Expert Horror made its first runway debut with the CLOT x Expert Horror "Blood-Line" collaboration. This was presented as part of the"Street Couture" showcase at CLOT's 15th Anniversary PAST.PRESENT.FUTURE. New York Fashion Week Men's Show. Designed and made in London, England, CLOT x Expert Horror will be dropping at selected JUICE stores and soon. 

Photography / @BAADNEWS_
Model / @akirawoodgrain